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SB-Assembler: A free multi platform macro cross assembler for many 8-bit processors and microcontrollers.

Knowledge Base: A collection of information on a variety of topics.

SB-Projects: An ever growing collection of my electronics projects.

Software projects: Here's a small collection of some of my software projects.

SB-Bus: Connect up to 125 devices to one RS-232 port.

SB-Links: A collection of links to many interesting corners of the internet.

Who am I?: Just in case you want to know which fool is responsible for creating all this.

Contact me: How to get in touch with me.

History: The history of this site.

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What is this Site All About?

In short this site is intended for those of you who are also interested in the wonderful mix between building electronics hardware and creating computer software.

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Latest News

I Spy, With My Little Eye..... My First Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi enjoys an immense popularity. Therefore they are, or maybe better said were, rather difficult to come by in the early days of their first release. I had to wait a couple of months for my first Raspberry Pi to arrive. Currently I own 7 of them already, of which 4 are in use 24/7 for a variety of services.
Find out more on the projects pages.

Meet Dave

No..... not the alian space ship in the shape of Eddy Murphy which came to earth to steal the salt from our oceans. Dave is one of my minions, who'll take over the control of our house, well at least a small part of it.
Read all about it.

Pi-SB-Bus Drvier

With this simple Raspberry Pi project I'm now able to control my SB-Bus devices from any computer in the house. No, I tell a lie, with any computer from all over the world that is!
Read all about it.

SB-Assembler 3

I finally decided to wait no longer. My SB-Assembler Version 3 is as ready as it is going to be in the near future. It is fully functional. Some internal code needs some more tweaking before I am really satisfied with the result. But none of these nice to have tweaks are show stoppers.
So here it is! Download it for free and run it on your Linux machine, Mac, or Windows machine.
The user guide is up to date for Version 3 for quite some time already. However the chapter about D.I.Y. crosses hasn't been written yet. And the Microchip PIC family doesn't exist yet. But the rest is there and functional.

Oh, and did I mention that the SB-Assembler 3 runs on the Raspberry Pi without a single modification! OK, it's a bit slower perhaps, but it runs all the same!



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